SAFEMODE – “For A Better Tomorrow”

SAFEMODE started in the spring of 2007. At first, they struggled to find their own sound.

Their music went from being just melodic rock, to a more aggressive style. Started to do shows, mostly local but even in other cities in Sweden and their sound and musical skills continued to evolve.

At the end of 2008 they went into the studio to record an Ep with the help of Marcus Dahlström, the drummer of Blindside.

In 2009 they won one of the biggest band competition ROCKKARUSLLEN in Sweden. With over 600 bands SAFEMODE reached 1st place. After that they went out on the roads and tour in Sweden for 3month and then did a tour in Germany.

2010 became a year of write and record the album. 2010/2011 A release tour came up and they have now some upcoming tours outside Europe/ South America in the beginning of next year.

The future looks bright for SAFEMODE, winners of the biggest Rockband competition ROCK KARUSELLEN in Sweden in 2009.


01. In Reverse

02. I’ll Show You The Exit

03. As We Fall, We Will Rise Again

04. Charitable Deeds

05. Guide Me Right

06. Don’t Take It To Heart

07. Hide Behind Words

08. In Need Of Answers

09. A Little Cry For Help

10. There Is Hope


Tjet Pipars– Vocals

Juuso Savolainen – Guitar

Robin Ahnlund – Guitar

Sebastian Sander – Bass

Joahnnes Karlsson – Drums



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