BRIGHT MORNING STAR ORCHESTRA – “Lift Me Out” out on 21 January 2011

BRIGHT MORNING STAR ORCHESTRA (BMSO) started in September 2006 and in 2008 the first full length album came, “A change“. 2009 BMSO transformed in to a new creation. With three new members and some changes in constellation they automatically had become a new band. This also changed the music style a bit and in 2010, the second album “Lift me out” is ready to be shown for the world.

The music of BRIGHT MORNING STAR ORCHESTRA is described as melodic pop/rock or “emotional documentary pop” with a sound mixture of COLDPLAY, U2 Peter Gabriel, Muse & Mew. The lyrics are often selfpercieved stories taken direct from life.

BRIGHT MORNING STAR ORCHESTRA is a bright shining star on the music scene. The music melody machine!!!


01. Lift Me Out

02. Show Me Your Wings

03. Stone

04. Nelson

05. White As Pearls

06. 52 Days

07. Would It Be Easier

08. Cause I Matter To You

09. Close To Lose It All

10. Nowhereland

11. See What We Have Done


Anton Ericsson – Vocals and guitars

Andreas Ericsson – Guitars

Thomas Engvall – Bass

Ida Svensson – Piano, Organs

Thorbjön Bergkwist – Drums and percussion




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