SATAN KLAUS METAL PARTY – 18 decembrie 2010

Maine, sambata 18 decembrie 2010, de la ora 18.00 va avea loc editia a patra a SATAN KLAUS METAL PARTY in Cage Club (Sos. Titulescu nr. 171, Bucuresti).
Vor canta:
  • AGATHOCLES (mincecore grindfathers – Belgia),
  • THE ARSON PROJECT (fast grindcore hc – Suedia),
  • MEDIOCRACY (crustcore downtempo sludge – Bucuresti),
  • EUFOBIA (BG death thrash metal),
  • COPROSTASIS (BG grindcore punk),
  • MIZERERE (BG gore grind death),
  • DAYS BEFORE DISAPPEARANCE (deathcore death metal – Bucuresti).
Bilete 25 lei (primele 50) / 35 lei (standard). Afterparty pana dimineata!
Stand Bestial Records la concert (CDuri, tricouri, cadouri).


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