Trioxyde’s Hey Carlos available on Unicorn Digital

In 2010, Trioxyde celebrated its 20th anniversary! Founded in 1990 in Montreal by guitarist and composer Jean-François Girard, the band started its career as a power trio, promoting its music via local and national radios, bars and also some well renowned jazz events in Quebec.

In 1995, Trioxyde has turned into a quartet with the addition of a sax player. This metamorphosis can be heard on their first EP album release «Fantôme» (1996). This new skin leadsthe band to accomplish some bigger touring projects in Quebec and France (Grenoble, Lyon and Vienne).

In 2003, the saxophone is replaced by the electric piano. The musical approach provided more maturity, as well as the new repertoire. Accordingly the musical approch isimmediately felt in a CD simply titled «Trioxyde» is released in 2007.
Trioxyde has just signed with Unicorn Digital in 2010 for the release of their third album «Hey Carlos» -paying a tribute to guitarist Carlos Santana -among others!




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