Images of Eden new album out on March 1, 2011

Known for their own unique breed of universal, upliftingprogressive metal, Images of Eden is a passion-based, melodic metal band originating from theBaltimore, MD/ York, PA-USA region.

IOE combines a very dynamic sound with a wide range ofmetal/ hard rock styles, ranging anywhere from progressive rock to power metal. They combine thought-provoking, inspirational lyrics, stellar musicianship with complex compositions and anhonest and powerful vocal delivery, keeping the technical and unpredictable aspect of prog-metalbut with very accessible hooks and melodies.

Images of Eden is unique in that each CD release is achapter of a story, portraying an ongoing journey through life, with each release picking up wherethe previous one has left off. Images of Eden’s 3rd release, “Rebuilding the Ruins”, is a 74 minute concept CD, mastered by Grammy-nominated producer, Eric Zimmermann (Fates Warning, Limp Bizkit, Deftones, Buckcherry, Suicidal Tendencies, etc.) who adds top notch production to the release.

The title track, “RebuildingThe Ruins“, was also selected by an indie film company to be used as a soundtrack for an upcomingshort film to debut at Cannes/ Tribeca Film Festivals later next year.For fans of Iron Maiden, Queensryche, Dream Theater, Fates Warning, Symphony-X as well as otherprogressive/ melodic metal bands.

Early Praise:

Rebuilding the Ruins goes far into announcing Images of Eden as one of those bands to be reckonedwith in the Progressive Metal genre. From deft songwriting to stellar musicianship to top notchproduction, Rebuilding the Ruins is a force.” – Derric Miller (

A majestic and uplifting triumph.” – Matthew Bankes (


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