CAGE – The Rise To Power – Live out on March 15th

San Diego metalers CAGE are ready to release of their first ever DVD, CAGE- THE RISE TO POWER. The package is a 2 disc DVD set packed full of material and will be released on March 15th 2011 in Europe through Music Buy Mail and through HEAVY METAL MEDIA for North America and the rest of the world.

Disc 1 features their entire performance at Progpower X in Atlanta Georgia, USA. Disc 2 features footage from various festivals and performances around the world as well as backstage and on tour clips. Also on disc 2, are 5 unreleased audio tracks including one off of their upcoming brand new CD.

CAGE is currently in the studio finishing their follow up to SCIENCE OF ANNIHILATION which is due out 2nd quarter 2011. CAGE is currently booking dates to tour Europe in May 2011 in support of the DVD and upcoming new CD release. Guitarist STEVEN BROGDEN and Bassist PETE STONE have recently joined to help form their most vicious lineup yet.

Specials: 2DVD set with live material, unreleased songs and a preview of new material of forthcoming album.



01. Planet Crusher (Prog Power USA)

02. I Am The King (Prog Power USA)

03. Kill The Devil (Prog Power USA)

04. Scarlet Witch (Prog Power USA)

05. Hell Destroyer (Prog Power USA)

06. Black River Falls (Prog Power USA)

07. Speed Kills (Prog Power USA)

08. Metal Devil (Prog Power USA)

09. The Dungeons Are Calling (Prog Power USA)


01. Rise Of The Beast (Keep It True festival)

02. Kill The Devil (Keep It True festival)

03. Final Solution (Keep It True festival)

04. King Diamond (Monterrey, Mexico, Mago De Oz festival)

05. Chupacabra (Monterrey, Mexico, Mago De Oz festival)

06. Shoot To Kill (Monterrey, Metal Fest)

07. From Death To Legend (Monterrey, Metal Fest 2)

08. Wings Of Destruction (Monterrey, Metal Fest)

09. War Of The Undead (unreleased bonus track)

10. Skinned Alive (unreleased bonus track)

11. Europe Raging

12. Mexico Madness

13. New Album Preview!

3 hidden Easter Eggs are also somewhere on the DVD!


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