News regarding Factory of Dreams and Project Creation

Hugo Flores is officially working on the new installment of the Project Creation series, and also on a brand new (4th) Factory of Dreams album.
Project Creation will focus on the continuation of the previous episode – Dawn on Pyther – with new discoveries including a new planet
with a hidden city, an intelligent ocean and much more. Hugo is counting on the great musicians and singers that gave the epic sound
of Project Creation, and also new performers to join in!

Factory of Dreams fourth album will be a concept album, a scifi adventure, where Earth is invaded by something quite unique… Epic stuff coming in our way, with Hugo Flores, Jessica Lehto and some huge surprises!

Artwork for both albums will also be handled by Melotronical’s art designer ‘Iribel’:

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Meanwhile, Factory of Dreams video is nearly hitting 111.000 plays, check it out:


Official release date for Factory of Dreams’ new album ‘A Strange Utopia’ finally revealed

Finally the street date for the official release of Factory of Dreams’ new album A STRANGE UTOPIA, has been revealed, and it’s on the 17th November 2009.
Also, to Factory of Dreams’ fans, tv shows, internet shows or other media that would like to have access and broadcast our videoclip for the track ‘The Weight of The world’ here are 3 free downloadable versions, including a DVD quality version for broadcasting:

DVD quality –

Mid quality –

Lower quality –

These can also be found @

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