Acest interviu a fost luat trupei Anthenora acum aproximativ 5 ani – 6 ani.

Q1:Hail. Say for the Romanian rockers a short history of your band.

A1: The five pieces-band, Anthenora, was born in 1990 as a classic heavy metal band under a deep influence of metal masters as Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Saxon. The monicker of the band has been inspired by Dante Alighieri’s “Divina Commedia”: it’s a part of the “Inferno” (ch. XXXII).

In 1992 and 1993 we released 2 demo tapes called “Bring me to hell” and “Heretical Symphonies”, recorded at the Dracma Studios of Turin.From 1995 the band played a great number of gigs in Italy either as original-songs-band or as Iron Maiden Tribute band, becoming one of the best italian maiden tribute band. In the last years the band has played all around Italy from north to south,increasing considerably the number of fans with powerful shows, opening also the gigs of Paul Di Anno (ex maiden singer), the italian power band Domine ( and kiko Loureiro (Angra’s guitarist).
The strong belief in the change of the band and the support of the estimators, led Anthenora to enter again in stuido. The new ep, called “The general’s awakening”, has been recorded at Remaster Studios Vicenza (Italy) on aprile 2002 and produced by Tony “mad” Fontò, leader of the well known italian metal band White Skull ( In november 2002 and in april 2003, Anthenora have played with Nicko Mc Brain – The drummer of the “Beast”- on his Tour in Italy, playing with him on 7 gigs through the country.

Steeve Balocco, the bass player, plays also with Boroken Arrow, a band led by Nick Savio, White Skull’ s lead guitarist, and has recorded a song with the italian band Power Symphony” (

Q2:I’ve heard some of your songs in 1997. I don’t remember what songs. Do you continue with your style from the ’80?

A2: Really? Where? Were they tunes from “Demons”?Yes, of course we continue in our 80’ style. We’re musically born in the 80’, we lived in the 80’ and…….we’ll die in the 80’! ah.ah.ah. We try to keep the faith alive!! Don’t worry, I’m not crazy, I’m just jocking!!!!Speaking seriously, our style is strongly influenced from the 80’s.

Q3:What bands influenced you and your music?

A3: Each of us has been influenced by different bands, even if all of them came from the 80’.Stefano Pomero (guitar) is a child of Kai Hansen and Michael Weikath. He likes a lot bands such as Gamma Ray, Helloween, Rage and Grave Digger. He is virtually “born” in Germany!!
Gabriele Bruni (guitar) is the man that in the band is more openminded to the different kinds of metal music. He likes very much old bands such as Saxon, but also new bands like System of a down and all th enew metal scene. Luigi Bonansea (vocals) is a great fan of Iron Maiden, Helloween, Queensryche and Queen.Stefano Balocco (bass) and me, Fabio Smareglia (drums), are devoted to all the new wave of British heavy Metal (Iron Maiden, Saxon, Judas Priest first of all).

Q4:Describe your music in one word. Why do you think that word is suitable for you?

A4: Classic Heavy metal is the right word to describe our kind of music, cause we don’t use keyboards and we have a powerful, not to fast way of play metal.

AnthenoraQ5: You’re a top band. How do you stay there?

A5: Don’t exagerate! We’re only one of the millions of bands that play in the world of the “fucking steel”!

Q6: What metal style is most used in Italy?

A6: In the last years the Italian metal scene has been dominated by the so called Italian speed or symphonic metal. The great success of bands like Rhapsody, Domine, Labyrinth has created a path for a lot of bands playing power or speed metal. Our music is a little bit different, is more similar to the classic english or deutsch classic metal (Saxon , Judas Priest, Rage).

Q7: The new bands, to get a contract with a label, must renounce to a lot of things. Have you ever been asked to change something in your music? If so, what?

A7: We haven’t ever accepted compromises. But this does not mean that we have never changed. But we’ve changed just one thing in our music: we developed our music personality. In the past, if you heard our first works as “Heretical symphonies” and “Demon’s”, you could find in the songs a strong influence from Iron Maiden. Then, we grew up and we changed something in our sound and in our way of making music. Now, our songs have a strong Anthenora’s trademark.

Q8: What do you think about the new heavy metal bands? They have a more commercial style?

A8: Well, I don’t think that the new metal bands have a more commercial style. Simply they have a different style. I don’t like some new kind of metal as the so called “new-metal”, I prefer the classic way to play metal. But it’s only my personal position. Among Anthenora, for example, Gabriele Bruni likes very much the new metal scene.

AnthenoraQ9: Do you feel threaten by them?

A9: No. The music universe is wide enough for all!

Q10: Explain me your name, please. What does it mean?

A10: You Know, Anthenora is name taken from the most important work of the Italian poet Dante Alighieri, The “Divina Commedia”. In this work, Anthenora is one of the circle of hell, a place of “Inferno” (hell), one of the three reign beyond life described by the italian writer Dante Alighieri.

We liked the sound of this name and so we have decide to use it for our band, not giving to this word a special meaning. The name Anthenora could you remind hell, but it’s only a word. We are not a satanic band as someone could think.

AnthenoraQ11: Do you have any distro’s in Romania? Where can we buy your cd’s?

A11: No, up to now, we have no distro in Romania, so to buy our cd’s the metal fanatics could contact us by mail at or write us at the address Anthenora c/o Fabio Smareglia, Piemonte 94/a, 12037 SALUZZO (Cn), Italy.

Q12: Can you tell me the line of your last album?

A12: Well, our last work is the ep called “The general’s awakening”. The cd includes 4 songs: Planet jail, Dark Horizon, The saviour and Gemini. The style is, as i said before, classic heavy metal with english and deutsch influences. The ep is the prologue to our next full length album that we’ll start to record the next September with Tony Fontò from White Skull as producer.The songs of the ep “The general’s awakening” could be downloaded from our website at

AnthenoraQ13: How was it received by the Italian rockers?

A13: The ep has been received very well not only from the Italian fans, but also from the webzines and fanzine of Europe and North America as you can read on our website.

Q14: Where did you had your last gig? Was the atmosphere set on fire?

A14: Now we’re preparing the songs of our new full length album that will be called “The dark alliance” and so our last gig goes back to the last april on Rome during the tour we did with Iron Maiden’s drummer Nicko Mc Brain. In fact, after the experience did the last year on November, he came in Italy again to play with Anthenora some gigs trough our country on his Total Mc Brain damage. As you could think, it was a fantastic experience. Nicko is a great musician, but also a great man. We all have learnt a lot of things from him not only as musicians but also as men.

Q15: Thanks for this interview. Any last words?

A15: Yes, thanks a lot to Metal Silvae and to all the metal headbangers from Romania. We hope to see you soon dear “brothers in hell”!


Armageddon in the Park – Anthenora – fear of the dark

Anthenora – Dream Catcher


Interviu Cristian Dorombach aka Piticu

Ieri, 16.07.2009, am realizat un interviu cu Piticu (numele de scena al lui Cristian Dorombach). Nu vă mai spun cine este Piticu… Un simplu search pe Gugle şi aţi rezolvat.

Ideea e următoarea la acest interviu… în premieră naţională! A avut loc prin intermediul celebrului serviciu de micro-blogging Twitter.

Din păcate a fost utilizat hashtagul #twinterviu numai de către mine. Răspunsurile nefiind hashtag-uite. Ceilalţi participanţi la internship au utilizat şi ei acelaşi serviciu pentru a lua interviuri unor persoane alese 🙂 Daţi click pe #twinterviu pentru a afla mai multe detalii.

Vă las să citiţi mini interviul… Ţineţi cont că o întrebare nu trebuia să depăşească 140 de caractere, incluzând adresantul @piticu21 si hashtag-ul #twinterviu. Cred că m-am descurcat onorabil… Voi ce spuneţi?
@piticu21 #twinterviu Cat de important este sa monitorizam ceea ce scriu bloggerii despre organizatia noastra? Pot afecta „viata” organizatiei?

piticu21@metalsilvae care e organizatia voastra? monitorizam … un cuvant dur … adica ceva de genul urmarim ce zic aia si daca nu zic de bine..
piticu21@metalsilvae si daca nu zic de bine se lasa cu penalizari
piticu21@metalsilvae ideea e simpla, faci o chestie, bineinteles ca sunt si alte pareri decat bune dar toate trebuie stranse intr`un mod constructiv

@piticu21 #twinterviu Ce credeti despre trendul actual de a-si lansa fiecare organizatie cate un blog?Le puteti da cateva hinturi
piticu21@metalsilvae dar nu trebuie sa fie un trend, tre sa fie un must! Hinturi? Da, mijlocul de comunicare cu restul lumii … feedback si opinii

@piticu21 #twinterviu Cele mai bune metode de a capta atentia unui blogger asupra evenimentului/organizaţiei sunt..? Dar din perspectiva jurnalistica?
piticu21@metalsilvae salut bloggere … uite ceva ce te va interesa / sau avem pentru tine / noi aducem ceva interesant / nu vreau sa fac spam

@piticu21 #twinterviu Care sunt principalele beneficii pe care le poate obtine o organizatie prin utilizarea uneltelor sociale gen twitter?
piticu21@metalsilvae principalele beneficii: awarness, vizibilitate, interactiune, comunicare, ce mai faci pe twitter … a prieteni !

@piticu21 #twinterviu Care sunt principalele diferente intre PR 1.0 si PR 2.0? Credeti ca ne apropiem de PR 3.0?
piticu21@metalsilvae nu exista nici o diferenta, oricat de online ar fi PR-ul tot cafele face. Cafele si sandwishuri, cand vor trece de gandirea ..
piticu21@metalsilvae asta vom putea sa ne gandim mai departe. … totusi … trebuie stabilit unde se limiteaza pr-ul
piticu21@metalsilvae ca ajunge sa fie un fel de hopamitica in firma ca sa poata termina treaba repede si bine … si cam singurul care se agita
piticu21@metalsilvae Pr-ul e la fel ca pana acum, numai ca mijloacele de comuniare sunt diferite. Ramane de vazut in ce masura le pot adapta

@piticu21 #twinterviu Care sunt principalele beneficii aduse de social media press release comparativ cu cel traditional?
piticu21@metalsilvae reactie imediata, reactie la cald, reactie, feedback, solutii, impresii, usurinta in comunicare, rapiditate mai trebuie?

@piticu21 #twinterviu Ce strategii si tactici ar trebui sa abordam pentru a avea succes in aceasta lume2.0?Putem vorbi de un posibil manual?
piticu21@metalsilvae da, se poate face un manual, dar pentru ca internetul e prea specific pentru orice trebuie adaptat pentru fiecare in parte.
piticu21@metalsilvae strategii si tactici … comunicare si comunicare multa
piticu21@metalsilvae bineinteles si raspuns imediat la vreo duma

La un pahar de vorbă cu Victor Ciutacu

Aşa cum am promis ieri, iată interviul realizate de către subsemnatul, adica je, cu Victor Ciutacu. Interviul a fost realizat ca tema pentru proiectul Internship 2.0.

Pe această cale vreau să îi mulţumesc pentru amabilitatea şi promptitudinea de care a dat dovadă.

Înger şi demon, arogant şi genial, consilier a doi miniştrii: Muşetescu (la APAPS), Sereş (la MEC), Victor Ciutacu va lămuri astăzi câteva dintre problemele cu care se confruntă orice specialist relaţii publice din România.

1. Deşi domeniul relaţiilor publice este tangent cu domeniul mass-media, de cele mai multe ori există bariere invizibile între PR-işti şi jurnalişti care se interpun în calea unei bune colaborări. Cum credeţi că ar trebui să fie această relaţie şi care ar fi cele mai bune metode pentru a atrage atenţia mass-media de către PR-işti?

– N-am mari abiltăţi de om de PR, îmi pare rău, nevastă-mea-i deşteapta familiei la capitolul ăsta. Eu am fost doar un umil consilier pe probleme de (post)privatizare şi/sau comunicare. La modul general, cred că relaţia ar trebui să se bazeze pe criteriul relevanţei informaţiei pe care PR-istul se străduieşte s-o disemineze. Dacă n-ai ce marfă să vinzi, geaba vii, geaba te duci, geaba rupi bieţii papuci.

2. De multe ori, PR-ul  este limitat de către organizaţiile din România numai la relaţiile cu media: comunicate de presă, conferinţe şi evenimente. Consideraţi oportună comunicarea continuă cu jurnaliştii, oferirea de stimulente pentru a „acoperi” un anumit eveniment?

– Nu, e total inoportună. Nu câştigi nimic, în termeni de valoare adăugată (beneficii de imagine), pentru compania pe care o reprezinţi. Hai, că ai o relaţie privilegiată cu un ziarist şi-i trimiţi flori şi şampaniei de ziua gagicii, e de înţeles, dar PR-ul nu înseamnă (numai) ciubucăreală. Sau n-ar trebui să însemne…

3. Cum vedeţi relaţia dintre responsabilităţile consultantului de PR faţă de organizaţia sa – jurnalist – public în România? Sunt respectate codurile deontologice? Cine primează? Prietenia sau etica profesională?

La ce e-n piaţa asta, primează cel mai mult relaţiile şi banul. Dar există şi profesionişti care nu vin cu sarsanaua. Coduri deontologice? Cine Dumnezeu mai respectă vreo hârtie în ţara asta? Nici măcar Guvernul n-o face!

4. Din ce în ce mai mulţi jurnalişti devin purtători de cuvânt pentru oameni politici sau organizaţii. Cum vi se pare transformarea jobului de jurnalist în PR-ist? Consideraţi că este benefică această metamorfoză?

Pentru mine a fost (deşi eu n-am avut, decât pentru o perioadă extrem de limitată, atribuţii de purtător de cuvânt) doar prin prisma experienţei căpătate în două instituţii publice guvernamentale de forţă. Unora văd că le prieşte. Oricum, revenirea-n jurnalism e grea, iar reziltatele, nu întotdeauna cele aşteptate. Eu sunt o excepţie care confirmă regula, dar am tras ca un câine să mă (re)impun.

5. Din punctul de vedere al unui jurnalist, cum ar trebui să se pregătească cineva care doreşte să lucreze în PR? Care sunt după părerea dvs. cele mai importante aspecte ale acestei meserii?

Să facă şcoală, să citească enorm, să-şi dorească să cunoască, să se specializeze nonstop. Trebuie să fii făcut pentru asta, să-ţi placă.

6. Care este din punctul dvs. de vedere referitor la specificul autohton al meseriei de specialist PR? Prin ce diferă specialiştii români de cei din afară? Mentalitate, pregătire?

Nu ştiu dacă-i musai ca ai noştri să fie mai proşti ca ai lor, nu cred în legende urbane. E o prejudecată. Poate doar mai noi în branşă.

7. Web 2.0, PR 2.0, blog, Twitter, reţele sociale, cât de mult contează acestea pentru jurnalistul român în găsirea unui subiect de interes?

O grămadă, totu-i să şi fii jurnalist, nu prieten cu ziariştii.

Seasons of the Wolf Interview


Last year, Seasons of the Wolf in October 2008, has celebrated 20 years of activity. We’ve had the occasion in the past to review 3 of their albums, Seasons of The Wolf, Lost in Hell and Nocturnal Revelation (reviews available in the Reviews section of our blog) thanks to Barry “Skully” Waddell.

To celebrate this rare occasion in a bands activity, we’ve interviewed Skully. Read and enjoy.

1. Hello Skully my friend. Because this is the first time Seasons of the Wolf is interviewed by us and can I say for the first time by a magazine from Romania, please tell us your history, line-up, themes present in your songs, etc.

Skully / SOTW – Hello Razvan – Thanks for the interview opportunity. Yes indeed this is the first interview for magazine in Romania. I think there is a couple of radio shows there that have played SOTW in the past. It sure would be great to be able to come to Romania for at least one big show.

SOTW has been together since October 1988. My brother Wes the vocalist, Dennis the keyboard player and I formed SOTW in October 1988 and have kept it going all these years. We have a had a few line-up changes on bass and drums. Phaedra Rubio on bass and Wayne Hofle on drums were with us for about 8 years. Now Mark Empire has joined us on drums. Mark recorded on a few tracks on our most recent album “Once In A Blue Moon” and will be on the entire next album. We also have Bill Bois filling in on bass for live shows. Our songs have many topics. We tend to lean towards Sci-Fi, Horror, and Fantasy – but we also touch base with current world reality subjects such as war, history and some politics. We tend to stay away from politics. SOTW has recorded 6 albums. 4 of them have been released internationally. SOTW music also is heard in several independent horror sci-fi films.



2. Why did you choose to name your band Seasons of the Wolf?

Skully / SOTW – We wanted to have something different than a one or two word name. And we wanted it to relate to something sacred such as a endangered species. In a way we feel our style of music is like an endangered species. hahaha! Dennis came up with the name from the title of a song he was writing. It ended up we chose it for our band name. We have yet to record the song.



3. Can you please tell me something about your musical backgrounds? Are any of you engaged in any side-projects?

Skully / SOTW – My brother Wes the singer joined up with the band just after highschool. He was training to be an actor and was in several stage plays. Dennis and I hooked up just after he got out of school too. Dennis got his start by doing sound engineering with a band I was lead vocals in called Equinox back in the mid 80’s. The Equinox keyboard player quit and Dennis ended up joining that band. After that band broke up Dennis and I worked together for a few months creating soundtrack type music for films. But we wanted a full band again. So we began to put together SOTW. I started learning guitar at age 12 and have played in bands since age 14. Drums, guitar, vocals, bass, whatever was needed I just wanted to write songs and be in a band. My main instrument of course is guitar and I also learned to sing pretty good. I had several bands together before SOTW. Our drummer Mark Empire is in several different music projects and writes his own songs as well for his project called “Motherface”. Bill Bois now lives in Nashville and plays bass in a country band. He also continues to promote his personal rock project called “X Takes The Square”



4. What bands have influenced you? Can you tell me the title of your 5 favorite albums and bands?

Skully / SOTW – There really are so many more than 5 but I will give you the first albums that I learned complete on guitar. Alice Cooper’s album Killer, Ted Nudgent’s first solo album, The first Black Sabbath album, the first 5 Blue Oyster Cult albums, and the first UFO album. That is where I got my first guitar training. I have to mention that Thin Lizzy, Iron Maiden, and Judas Priest were very much major influences too.



5. Please speak a little bit about every album released… How they were received by media and public? For collectors… do you have any vinyl released?

Skully – SOTW – The first real release SOTW self-titled album was co-produced by Bud Synder and we recorded it in Telstar Studio in Sarasota Florida. It was the launch pad for SOTW. We learned a lot during the process. The 2 songs that received the most airplay and underground attention are Victim Of Darkness, and October Moon. Then came our second album “Lost In Hell”. We recorded and produced it in our own studio. The titles that have got the most attention from it are Lost In Hell, Interstellar, and Witchfinder. Lost In Hell was re-released on a Italian label in Europe and became a classic for SOTW in the underground. Our 3rd album titled “Nocturnal Revelation” was also recorded and produced in our own studio. We had a few more shorter songs and a more “direct in your face” approach on several songs. The songs that got the most attention from it are New Age Revolution, Liar, and Transmission. By this time SOTW was doing good at sales in Europe. The newest release from 2007 titled “Once In A Blue Moon” was also recorded and produced in our own studio. It has all the twisted elements of the first 3 albums but a bit more tighter arrangements and overall sound quality has improved. The songs that are getting the most response from it are Wings Of Doom, Ghost Woman, and Name Your Poison. We are anxious to release our 5th album in early 2010. Meanwhile we have now licensed all our albums for re-release on a German record label Pure Steel Records on Vinyl format. Each of the re-releases will have bonus tracks. The first re-release on Vinyl will be coming out next month February 2009. And Lost In Hell should be out on Vinyl by fall 2009.

Early days

Early days

6. I’ve read somewhere that you’ve sent your first two albums to hundreds of radio stations, zines and ezines across US and worldwide… That was quite an extensive marketing campaign… Did it have any effects on your album sales?

Skully / SOTW – Oh yes indeed. Over time it has helped spread us into several other countries and helped to get licensing deals to re-release in other countries. It attracted a lot of underground distributors that would purchase stock direct from us. And it has helped to increase awareness and possible live show support. On our own we have developed a growing cult style fanbase. We call it the BloodTree. And to this day we continue to send out packages to any reputable source we find or that finds us.

7. I understand that you’re an INDEPENDENT entity… Why did you choose to support yourself all the costs? A bad experience with a record label?

Skully / SOTW – We never allowed SOTW to have a bad experience with a outside label. Although we have been taken advantage of by a couple distributors I won’t mention. In the early days we were requested by several labels to send them packages. And we did send out but mostly never got any interest of support. We did not feel like waiting for someone to come along and find SOTW so we did it ourselves. It is a slow road, but it grows over time. And at the end of the day even though the money is tight and the sacrifices are many, it can be rewarding to know your fate is in your own hands.



8. Several of your songs were used as soundtracks for movies… Can you tell me how were you selected? Have you worked with some known producers?

Skully / SOTW – Back in 1999 A great fan of SOTW by the name of Torch started a thing called the Rock Hard Horror Hook-up. He contacted us and suggested we send out to a few Independent movie makers. He gave us a list of 10 to start with. We sent out and got back 5 responses. That is where it started. More came after being involved in those first handful. No well known film producers yet. We feel positive that eventually this will happen. Or maybe one of the director/producers we already have worked with will find more success and we grow together.

9. Several of your videos can be seen on major cable programs in US… Do you know if any of your videos were broadcasted in Europe? If yes, in which countries?

Skully / SOTW – Yes we have been sending out music video to lots of small cable networks wherever we can find.. Most recently a large one for Fuse TV with national broadcast for video contests. So far Germany is where we have the largest support of fans and purchase. We have been played on video shows in Germany one is called Strike StreetClip TV.



10. Can you tell me some funny stories from your history?

Skully / SOTW – The greatest and funniest of times has to be our shows at a club in St Petersburg Florida called Draculas. And you may find it interesting that the owner was from Romania. We played about 25 shows there between summer 1995 to summer 1998. They are unfortunately closed down now. Lots of crazy times with bikers, lesbians, drunks, and local overzealous SOTW fans. Some of them just loved to get naked, make out, and dance while we play. Others liked to be carried away on a stretcher at the end of the night or be kicked in the ass by the club-owner. Of course through most of the 90’s we were famous for our open house nights on the weekends at our studio. On this little industrial area street there is Heavy Metal History. Four bands on the same dead end street practicing the night away with people all up and down the street. In the early 90’s there was Crimson Glory, Atheist, Steel Angel, and Seasons Of The Wolf all on the same street with overzealous drunk fans visiting each band. Those were the early days. The unforgettable days. We would spend till 4am in morning picking up all the beer cans and wine bottles up and down the road. Busted car tires, stolen radios, broken windows, fights, police, blood, sweat, and tears. Yes indeed – All the things that make heavy music worth doing. hahahaha!

11. You’ve played live in dozens of shows… Can you please mention some of the bands you played with… and which is in your opinion the best show ever?

Skully / SOTW – That is a hard question. Of course we have a long list of bands we have played shows with. But we were always trying to keep focused on what we were doing and not enough time and energy to be involved with the other bands. That is to say we had our job to do. We would help others when and if we could. I would say opening for Blue Oyster Cult was one of the great times. We had a lot of bands that would open our shows at Draculas. And we have opened for loads of other underground bands too. Wow what a long list to remember. hahaha!

12. What do you think about the metal scene in US? Is it oversaturated with bands? Any new or relatively new good bands there?

Skully / SOTW – Yes indeed – “Oversaturated” is a good word. Oversaturated with trendy rap and hip hop music and teeny bopper rock. SOTW melodic heavy metal style is an “endangered species” over here. At least right now. Seems our music is a bit too deep and most people do not want to think that deep.

13. How do you see Seasons of the Wolf in 2020? Kicking ass in live shows or just a studio band J?

Skully / SOTW – I think we may not be as active live by that time. Probably recording and producing other bands.

But who knows? So much depends on popularity and making money. But for now we do have all the Vinyl re-releases, the DVD, and our 5th album on the way!! We shall see where that leads next……

14. Have you released your Rockumentary DVD? What is it about? Can we expect some never released videos?

Skully / SOTW – We have been taking our time with it. There will be a couple videos that have not been seen – but mostly it will have a lot of fun backstage footage thrown in and interviews from band members in between the music videos. Band memebers talking about their own experience in SOTW. As mentioned we hope to release it fall 2009.

15. Searching the web for Seasons of the Wolf fan sites, I’ve stumbled upon even a Japanese one… I’m really impressed of this support… You have even a big street team… How does it work? They place posters in their city, spread flyers or…?

Skully / SOTW – Much of this happens through Internet contact. But with Japan SOTW website it came from actually meeting. Dennis took a trip to Japan for vacation and actually got to meet Junko Ikehata. She made a Japanese SOTW fan site. Although we have not many sales from Japan yet. We also have been in contact with one band from Japan called Solitude. We both had songs featured on a compilation CD in Germany. We do have some very supportive fans around the world that help spread the music around to their friends and pass around sampler CD’s when they go out to shows. Everything helps. Everything you do on a daily basis matters because sometimes one person with a real interest can come from it.

16. 20 years of activity… Did you had a special show or did you release a limited box set with your albums or something else done this event?

Skully / SOTW – No we have not yet. What we are doing is preparing to release a full-length 90 minute SOTW history DVD titled “20 Years Underground” It will be professionally mastered and packaged. We hope to release it fall 2009.

17. I wish you all to have all of your dreams fulfilled, many many live shows and albums released… Thanks Skully for this interview and if you have anything else to add please do so now… Cheers and many beers my friend J

Skully / SOTW – Thank you Razvan for this interview. It is good. Hopefully some day it will work out for SOTW to come to Romania. At least for a vacation! But preferably for a few live shows and much intake of tasty beverages. We hope your readers will check out SOTW. Myspace seems to be gaining popularity and anyone can contact Seasons Of The Wolf there. Thanks again.

Seasons of the Wolf

For more informations, photos, merchandise, stories from their history, etc. please visit their official webpage: or their official MySpace profile:

Ethereal Blue Interview


I came across this band in 2005 and they impressed me and everyone I talked to about them. Their music is full of vitality, full of energy and aggression, quite technical and last but not least very intense. Here is a band that you should not miss. And for this reason I have interviewed Efthimis for you.


1) Hello Efthimis. Thanks for this first interview. Because you’re for the first time on Metal Silvae Webzine and also you’re quite an unknown band in Romania, please let our readers know your history, line-up, etc…

Ethereal Blue is a band created back in 2002 in Ioannina Greece, where its members were studying several sciences in the local University. At the very beginning, we were playing atmospheric death metal in the style of Theater of Tragedy with female vocals etc. but as the years were passing by, we decided to play atmospheric music in a more extreme way and our first album “Black Heart Process” was totally in this direction. The album was well received by the metal media and the audience world-wide and we kept composing the songs, that will be included in our second full length album, titled “Essays in Rhyme On Passion And Ethics” .Through the years we had several line-up changes. The current line-up is: Efthimis V.: vocals, George A.: guitars, Miltos D.: bass guitar, Panos P: guitar, Dimitris K.: drums. At this point, I would not be fair if I did not mention our former members who contributed a lot to the creation of the band’s personal sound: Fok S : guitar, Eleana V.: vocals , Stavros D: keyboards and last but not least Akis P. ex keyboard player who handled all the lyrical concept of “Essays in Rhyme On Passion And Ethics” ,our second album, which will be out in 2009 by the English label Copro Records/Casket Music.

2) Why did you choose the name Ethereal Blue for the band? Does it mean something special for you?

The truth is that it sounded great to my ears and this reflection of the sky in the sea creates a depressive mood which fitted very well with our music. It has to do also with my girlfriend back then. We were listening to a song titled Ethereal Blue by a Greek band studying in Romania back then – On Thorns I Lay. We used to wake up and listen to this song repeatedly for hours. Great times!

3) Can you please tell me something about your musical backgrounds? Are any of you engaged in any side-projects?

Some of us have taken piano and guitar lessons at the local music schools, while others like our bass player are self-taught. As far as side-projects are concerned, two of us and more specifically guitarist George, drummer Dimitris play also in a post-rock band named Have You Ever Tasted a Cold Spring? and our second guitarist Panos also plays in Clover Haze(atmospheric death metal band).

4) Now, here’s a much asked question: Metal music means something special for you? If yes, why? What attracts you to this extreme part of music? What bands influenced you as a person, as a band?

This is really hard to answer. I know for sure I love metal music but on the other hand I see music as a whole and I can’t dissociate metal from ethnic, classical or jazz music if you see what I mean. What attracted me to this extreme kind of music, was the guitar distortion and its theatrical view. All band members have different influences but personally when I started composing music I was influenced by bands like Satyricon, Emperor, Opeth, My Dying Bride. If you ask the others bet they will tell you totally different influences and this is the magical part for the creation, a band

5) After the line-up change did your music change in any way (became more aggressive or more technical etc.)?

I would not say so, the old members were technical enough, at least most of them, well acquainted with their musical instrument and furthermore they were fans of metal music in a sense that they new during the composition, when a part should be more aggressive or more groovy and vice versa. We owe them a lot. Their leaving had to do mainly with the change of our lives through the years and the continuous change of priorities.

6) Can you tell me some inside stuff, like fights between members for an idea or for the same woman, any disagreements?

For Ethereal Blue members this is a daily routine concerning the musical part. We argue all the time during the rehearsals, but oddly these fights increase our creativity. In other words, fights work for us! I cannot recall a moment that we had a fight for a woman, the dominating idea in this matter is “let the best man win”, so no one has to fight….

7) Your first demo was called “A Mourning Ocean…” . What was the story behind it? It received some good reviews and gave you a chance to sign with DeadSun Records.

No there was no particular concept behind it. It was a title which combined the band’s name and the depression of its musical concept in the best possible way. Despite the fact that it was well received and it was basically the reason that we were offered a record deal I find, as the years pass, that it was a demo with small musical potential in comparison to the other masters of the particular music style. The fact is that the guys in Deadsun records saw it in a different way and we feel lucky for that.


8) In 2005, DeadSun released your debut album entitled “Black Heart Process”. How was it received by media and public? Were you satisfied with the promotion for it?

The album received really amazing reviews from the audience and press world wide .I don’t know but four years later, I still like listening to it. For me this means something. Now, concerning its promotion, we must always have in mind that we were a newcomer band in 2005 and that Deadsun Records is an underground label with small distribution potential. On the other hand, we would be ungrateful if we started complaining about the promotion, at least we had the chance to be heard somewhere outside Greece, I know thousands of bands that work their compositions for years and they have never been offered a record deal…

9) And speaking of promotion… Who is handling your promotion and PR? Does one of you do it or do you have an agency or something like that?

For about a year now Carlo Bellotti and the Italian Agency ALKEMIST-FANATIX EUROPE handles Ethereal Blue’s PR and promotion and we will keep working with them since we believe that they do a very good job.

10) Although you were a “new born” band, you’ve been invited to play alongside great masters: Arcturus, Moonspell, Rotting Christ (to name only a few). How were you accepted by them (part of the family or a big threat)?

Of course we were not a big threat for them. The afore-mentioned bands are musically enormous; they have nothing to fear. For us, it was a great honor and amazing experience to share the stage with them.

11) Do you enjoy life on tour, live activity etc.?

When we were students at the university, we enjoyed very much life on tour. You see, we had nothing to mind about back then. Now, in our daily routine we have to handle with many different things that render life on tour difficult. Despite all the difficulties we are trying to play everywhere we are invited and have a great time.


12) How do you see now the Black/Death Metal scene? Do you think that the newcomers bring real value to it or they are in for the money? Why not to be honest… many bands have a very commercial approach…

Quality bands exist, existed and will exist. The point for every band in the scene is to perform music that expresses its feelings. The audience is smart enough to understand who of us plays music in order to be expressed and who does it just for the money.

13) I’ve been to a concert in Bucharest this autumn to see Lord Belial, Graveworm and other support bands and I was really disappointed by Lord Belial… They didn’t put any feelings in their show: just play, no crowd involvement… Graveworm’s act was much much more attractive… they invited people to sing on the stage with them and you could really connect to them… Why did you think that this cult band performed so badly? I have to say that this concert was held in an open space theater and I estimate a presence of about 300 people.

I can’t really say, maybe they were in a bad mood, too tired touring, had a fight backstage… I really don’t know and I am not the appropriate person to judge. Maybe you should interview them and ask them, but there could be a thousand reasons for that.

14) You choose an interesting title for this new album, “Essays in Rhyme on Passion and Ethics” that will be released in 2009. Could you elaborate a little bit on it, especially on the lyrical concept of the album?

In the band three of us are literature teachers in the profession and i count Akis P. in us our former keyboard player who as I said is responsible for the lyrical concept of the album. This guy had to leave the band’s musical part because he was a mediocre keyboard player. On the other hand, he is a great lyricist with a deep knowledge of history and literature, who combined in his lyrics novel or history heroes, who fight inside them with their passion and morality and all of them end up in a different “life’s fiction”.

15) Why have you decided to leave from DeadSun? Was Copro Records/Casket music’s offer better?

Of course the offer is much better this time and Copro Records/Casket Music has Plastic Head as its main distributor, which is the best metal distributor world-wide. So, I guess we want to find our CD in the stores this time…

16) What are your future plans? Are you confident that this New Year 2009 will be better for Ethereal Blue?

All I know is that for the time being we are working in the production of a great album, which we like listening and performing it in the studio. We are very optimistic for its release and we hope that it will lead us to a 2009 full of music and passionate live moments.

17) This is the end of the interview. Thanks for the answers and I hope you’ll come to play in Romania this year (2009). All the best for you and Ethereal Blue.

We want to thank Metal Silvae and personally you Razvan for the chance you give us to present our views and our music to the Romanian metal fans. As for your hope, we have to find a live promoter, who intends to cover our expenses, in order to come and play there. Thanks again! Happy new year.


Editor’s note: all pictures courtesy of Ethereal Blue.

Ethereal Blue official MySpace page

Backdraft Interview

1) Hi guys. How are you? Tell me you history, line-up…

NICK: Hello!! We’re fine. Backdraft was formed back in 1997 by Rob (guitars) and Rev. Sorethroat (vocals) at a shitty rock bar in Stockholm. They decided that there was no good music coming out nowadays, so they started a band, Morningwood… Snejken (guitars) joined with Trisse (drums, now in Grand Magus), and Anders Sevebo (bass, from Blue Matter). They fired Trisse in 1998, and I joined the band in 1999. Shortly after, Anders decided to quit the band, and Peter Tuthill (bass, now singing in Constructdead, and formerly with Dog Faced Gods) joined. In the spring of 2000, Peter decided also to leave the band, and Mats joined. We felt that the line-up was complete and that we had something really good going on. So when we recorded the Goddamn Man EP and the Here To Save You All album, the line up was:

Reverend Sorethroat (vocals)

Rob the slob (guitar)

Snejken (guitar)

Mats (bass)

And me, Nick (drums)

2) You came from a country with well known Black Metal, Death Metal bands.. Why do you play Southern Rock?

NICK: Why we play southern rock……… I don’t think we play southern rock, I just think we play hard, cool rock’n’roll. But one of our main influences is – together with hard rock, metal and pop – southern rock.

MATS: We say this all the time, but… it was more that other people thought of us as a southern rock band, than ourselves presenting us as such. That’s of course because there is not a whole lot of music in that genre nowadays, or stuff that sounds like we do, so maybe people were waiting for something in this style to come along. But I like being put in a category, why not? It makes it easier for people to find music they like, and if they think we’re a bunch of heavy metal kids and that we’re not true to the spirit of “real southern rock”, then that’s fine too. We couldn’t be bothered about living up to other people’s expectations, we do this for ourselves.

3) Your first name was Morningwood. Why this change of name?

MATS: That was long before I was in the band, but the name was considered to be too juvenile. You don’t really take some guys calling themselves Morningwood very seriously, although ZZ Top managed to write a song about morning wood, but that’s another story…

4) I’ve read that your life approach is something like “live-your-life-to-the-fullest” and “have-a-beer-or-twelve”. Why this approach?

NICK: Because it’s fun to have twelve beers…… No, seriously, we’re not into politics, we’re not into anything more than rock and roll, and I personally think, that to NOT have a political or religious message is kind of nice. We just want to drink beer and play rock’n’roll, nothing more. That’s what life, or at least our life, is about.

MATS: I’m into politics, but I agree that there’s no place in Backdraft’s music for that. You should sing about what’s around you and what you do. When the levee breaks, then you make a song about it. Or when the boll weevil, or the high sheriff comes, or if you drank a can of shoe polish… Blues existentialism is what it’s all about. And have-a-beer-or-twelve… You often regret what you did the day after you did it, but what you didn’t do, you might end up regretting for the rest of your life! See… it’s existentialism at its’ finest! Our songs have a deep, profound meaning after all…

5) I love songs like “Wicked Man” or “Goddamn Man”. What is their story, what do you try to tell us in them..?

MATS: It’s just like what I was saying. Songs about drinking and partying, with a LOT of self-irony and humor. It’s situations that most people can relate to – you think you’re the king of the world, but you sort-of know you’re not… well, you’re the king of YOUR world at least.

6) And now tell me about your self released Goddamn Man EP. It was very well received by the public.

NICK: When Mats joined the band, we wanted to do a demo and so we did. We sent out a couple of demos to magazines, record labels, booking agencies, and important people across the world. It was in some big magazines, and we got some radio airplay with it. Then of course, Stuart (Lunasound Recording boss!) liked it and wanted to do a record with us.

MATS: It was done in the rehearsal space and at home, just plugging into a computer with a Pod. Not very southern rock-y but it came out alright. And it got the job done of getting us a little recognition and a record deal. We still have some actually, that I found the other day tidying up my apartment, that are for sale through our home page, at (all the songs are on the album as well, but in new versions).

7) For this new album “Here to save you all”, you’ve changed the drummer. Why? How did him fit in?

NICK: I joined the band back in 1999. So the drummer was changed before that… And I kick ass, and have done from the very beginning…

MATS: Sweet, hot & stikky Nikky is-a da best-a drummer-a inna the a-world!

8) Tell me now about the album “Here to save you all”. From where the title, what do you try to tell us?

NICK: We wanted to save u from the shitty music scene that has been pissing us off forever!

MATS: I really wanted an album title that said something, like Appetite For Destruction, or Screaming For Vengeance – like, blam!! No one really knows this, but I tell you I actually stole the title from a great hip-hop record with the same title, by Chino XL, it was released on American Recordings in 1996 or something. Backdraft’s down with bad-ass hiphop thugs, word, biatch!

9) How do you get along with Lunasound Recording?

NICK: Stuart is a good friend of ours, he’s very good, he’s put in a lot of work and effort into this. So the answer is: We get along with him very well.

MATS: He’s done an absolutely great job for us, with very, very limited resources in terms of money. At the moment, we don’t have a record deal but we’re talking to Lunasound and a few different other labels and hope to record a new album very soon!

10) You’ll record a new album with Greg Strzempka, from the boogie legends Raging Slab.Tell me some inside info about the textual approach, music line etc.

NICK: Yes, Greg is now in the band, Jonas is now out of the band… I think that you’ll find the new stuff very interesting and good, I can’t tell u anything about the lyrics, but it’s (of course) more American than before. The music is getting a little bit harder and more AC/DC-ish. More straight forward rock and roll.

MATS: Both guys are fantastic people and singers and there should be no comparisons. Greg has a great sense of humour, and has always written very funny, smart lyrics, that you have to think about a couple of times. Fusing that with our music has so far been totally natural. The songs we’ve worked on has come together rather quickly, as the kind of music we’re doing is pretty close to what he’s been doing for twenty years. I also agree that some of the stuff is harder, and more straight-ahead. A little less of the southern rock and boogie influences, and more hard cock arena rock!

11) Thanks for your time. If you have any word of wisdom to share with us…

NICK: Drink beer, eat meat and so on…

MATS: Sometimes life is a very ugly shit sandwich that you’ll have to eat, you’d rather not, but when you’re done you have to go on with your life. Backdraft will be back with a new album and on tour in early 2004 if all goes according to plan, and if anyone wants us to come to Romania, please get in touch!

Editor’s note: For more information on Backdraft, please visit their Myspace profile.

Plexus Interview

1) Hi guys. Tell me about your first album you’ve wrote (an EP, Departure). Why this strange name? Does it mean something for you? How was it received by the public?

We didn’t want any traditional metal names using medieval themes, like iron, steel, war and such kind of things. Plexus sounds different, that’s why we chose it. A lot of people think like us, so they liked it. Of course there will always be someone that doesn’t like, but that’s life. Plexus means: Interlaced parts. That’s a band – interlaced parts, working together to create something nice.

Departure was our first experience as a band in the studio and it worked great for us. There some great stuff in there.

2) You’ve also had a promoting gig for the EP. What was the atmosphere there? Were you afraid that you’ll fail?

That gig was great. The vibe was fantastic and a lot of people bought the CD. We were not afraid at all. Why would we be? 🙂

3) What happened after this gig?

We played a few more times, got in a TV show, entered 2 metal compilations. In 2002 we locked up in the studio to record new stuff.

4) You didn’t start in this line-up. What was the first line-up? Why did you renounce to the other guys for this simple scheme of 3?

It wasn’t working well. We realized that the 3 of us were the central core of Plexus and the other guys just didn’t seem to work nicely with us. This is natural in any band.

5) Your music suffered some changes after this “improvement”?

Not at all. I write all the stuff and create great part of the arrangements. After the line-up change, we felt better playing together and we got to know each other better.

6) Tell me about this album “Plexus”. Where did you got the inspiration for it?

I listen to every kind of music and the ispiration came from all the stuff I listen to. Especially Megadeth, Iron Maiden and some “new” metal bands like In Flames, Soilwork and Arch Enemy. I also have a lot of riffs and ideas that i’ll use for the next album.

7) Some of your lyrics give me the impression that you’re trying to set a rebellion against our way of thinking (in songs like Natural Born Leaders, Not a Chance). Maybe I’m wrong. What’s your message in these songs?

Natural Born Leaders is about leading something and the problems of being a leader. You have to listen to a lot of bullshit and you must exercise your patience. To be a leader is a difficult and honorable task. It is also dedicated to my father, who died last year.

Not a chance is about relationship and don’t give up of the person you love.

8) When you’ve recorded this album, you’ve worked with Martin Mendonca (Mystifier, Malefactor, Dr. Cascadura). How was he? How did you got along with him?

He’s a friend and a great musician and professional. He likes our music and he gives great ideas for the arrangements. We also work with Andre T who is a famous producer and sound engineer of our city.

9) What does your name mean?

See answer number 1 🙂

10) If some Romanian guy wants to buy some of your CD’s, where could he try doing it?

They can send us 10 American dollars to the following address:

Marcelo Martins

Rua Leonor Calmon, 74 Ap. 201 – Ed. Príncipe de Lyon

cep 40296-210

Salvador, Ba, Brazil

I’ll then send the CDs by mail, in a protected special envelope.

11) Thanks a lot guys. Hope to see you soon in Romania. :))) Any last words?

We hope to play there as well! Big thanks to all Romanian metal rockers and keep bangin’!