Onheil releases mini movie music video

Dutch Blackened Thrash/Death Metal band ONHEIL proudly presents their new music video of “Nemesis’ Light Fading”, a song from their latest album “Razor”. Footage for the storyline has been taken from an upcoming independent movie, shot and directed by band member Amok. The rest of video shows the band playing in a one hundred years old electrical facility.

The video and mp3 can be found at the following URLs:

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0d7suREMN8

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/onheil

Website: http://www.onheil.com

Please feel free to publish this information on your website, in your magazine or in any other media. A pressphoto and logo can be found at http://www.onheil.com/media.

If more information is needed, feel free to contact them at info@onheil.com.

More information about the music video:

The “Nemesis’ Light Fading” video is the first video from ONHEIL’s latest album “Razor”, released by German Record Label CYCLONE EMPIRE and produced at the FINAL FOCUS studio by Bart Hennephof (Textures) and Yuma van Eekelen (Pestilence).

The storyline of the video shows a man slowly heading for his demise. This footage was shot by ONHEIL’s band member Amok for an movie project done together with part-time actor Dkarn Tserinth, who is working at the “Arts & Culture” department of the City of Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Amok comments:

Don’t expect a clean Hollywood production, this movie is raw and real. Beside that, the project is ‘no-budget’ anyway..”.

Although the movie is far from finished and currently on hold because of Amok’s activities with ONHEIL, including appearences at European Open Air festivals as PARTY.SAN, METAL MEAN and OCCULTFEST, some of the footage is already used for the music video as it fits the lyrical content of the song Nemesis’ Light Fading very well.

In the past, Dkarn Tserinth has appeared on some of ONHEIL’s previous releases as a guest vocalist and lyric writer. He also has cooperated with Amok on several music and video projects and they were part of the defunct underground metal radio station MISANTROPAGANDA.

The band footage was shot in an old, unused, electrical generating facility of one of Holland’s oldest cities Dordrecht. The dark atmosphere and black painted walls of the building is the perfect scenery for ONHEIL’s music.

Short band biography:

ONHEIL was originally founded in the autumn of 1999. A few successful demos led them to the recording of their first official release, ‘The Threat’. This mini-CD was released in 2003 by the now deceased WAR CRY PRODUCTIONS.

After some troubled years spend finding a decent drummer it was the beginning of 2007 when the current line-up was formed. This line-up contains 2 lead vocalists and 3 guitarists, giving them more possibilities to perfect their own ‘Blackened Thrash/Death Metal-sound’.

In 2008 a new record deal was inked with German recordlabel CYCLONE EMPIRE and spawned ONHEIL’s latest album “Razor” in May of 2009. It was very well received by both press and fans getting extremely positive reactions and mostly high ratings.

Often “Razor” was seen as one of the best albums of the year, yet not getting the attention it deserved.

Onheil is currently preparing themselves for open air festivals shows, including PARTY.SAN, METAL MEAN and OCCULTFEST. After the summer the band will hit the road to play club shows throughout Europe.



Dutch Blackened Death/Thrash Metallers ONHEIL are celebrating their 10-year anniversary this month. Its members have been musically active longer but it was November 1999 when ONHEIL as a band name was chosen.

The only original member Amok briefly comments: “Especially the first 7 years have been one chaotic hellride. Where bands usually grow and get more professional, we cared more about the alcohol, the women and the metalparties. Good times, but a bit too self-destructive hehe.

But fuck, the band survived it all, got back on track in 2007 and now we are more focused than ever!”

To celebrate the “10 years of ONHEIL” the band has launched a contest in which a price will be given away for each year of their existence. The first 9 winners will receive a signed copy of their latest work, “Razor” which has been released last May by German Record label Cyclone Empire.

Besides the album, the tenth winner will receive a “Razor” T-Shirt or Girlie + a cool full discography package which includes:

  • The “The Threat” Mini CD from 2003
  • The “We Hebben De Hel Gezien” Full-length Demo CD from 2002
  • A newly created copy of their “Sterf” Demo CD from 1999

A great price for die-hard fans as all of these releases have been officially sold out for many years and are well sought-after items by metal collectors.

Competing is easy: Email your answer to this question to contest@onheil.com : “To which album were you listening 10 years ago?

From the answers that are sent in, ONHEIL’s band members will choose their personal favourites and, from those, 10 winners will randomly be picked. The band already likes to add that SLIPKNOT, WILL SMITH and BRITNEY SPEARS will NOT be among the winning answers. Metalheads can send in their emails until the 31st of January 2010.

Onheil’s video for “As Hope Dies” shows a lot of footage that was filmed during the last 10 years. Therefore it might be an appropriate addition to your (web)article.


Short Biography:

After wandering the underground since 1999 and releasing a number of demo’s and a mini CD it is March 2007 when “The new ONHEIL” arises. This new line-up has 3 guitarists and 2 lead vocalists, giving them more possibilities to expand their own unique Blackened Thrash/Death Metal sound.

The return with a new promo CD was received very well and lead to a string of great live shows with bands like IMMORTAL, BELPHEGOR, VADER, WARBRINGER, MAYHEM, ENTOMBED, ROTTING CHRIST, GOD DETHRONED AND AGATHODAIMON. It also brought them a new record deal with German Label Cyclone Empire.

ONHEIL’s album “Razor” got released last May and the reactions have been enormously positive by both fans and critics, often giving the album the highest rating. Currently ONHEIL is playing live shows throughout Europe.