Nightmare Records welcomes SEVEN KINGDOMS to the fold

Nightmare Records would like to welcome Florida-based female-fronted power metallers SEVEN KINGDOMS to the fold. Recently Nightmare records inked a deal with Seven Kingdoms to release their upcoming “self titled” album Seven Kingdoms due to hit streets July 13th worldwide via Nightmare Records and associated distribution partners.

Nightmare Records owner and prog power vocalist Lance King was impressed with the bands vocal siren Sabrina Valentine, her unique, warm and melancholic melodic sense combined with this speedy power metal band  should please fans that are into the sound of Evanesence, Nightwish, Iced Earth, Within Temptation, Epica and Blind Guardian. Seven Kingdoms was formed in Deland, Florida in 2007 by Camden Cruz and Bryan Edwards. After forming the bands initial lineup they entered  Morrisound Recording Studios in August 2007 they finished production on their debut self financed independent release, “Brothers of the Night”  lyrically inspired from the literary works of George R. Martin.

Playing shows throughout the southeastern region of the United States, the band share the stage with bands Sonata Arctica, The Agonist, Stephen Pearcey, Circle II Circle. In 2009 the band solidified their lineup and the new and improved Seven Kingdoms finished their self titled sophomore effort again at the well known Morrisound Studios.


Atlanta progressive metal band Halcyon Way has completed the tracking for their new CD, to be released late Spring by Nightmare Records

The album was produced by Lasse Lammert (Alestorm, Svartsot) and guitarist Jon Bodan. Drums were engineered by Mike Froedge (doubleDrive, Bloodsimple, Speed X) at Open Sky Studios in Atlanta. Lammert is mixing the album at his studio, LSD-Tonstudio in Germany.
The new release is the follow-up to the critically acclaimed debut by the band, A Manifesto For Domination. It features the debut of new vocalist Steve Braun (Ashent, Siloam), as well as a guest appearance by Pamela Moore of Queensryche fame. “We’re incredibly excited about the new material,” said guitarist Jon Bodan.
“This album is a quantum leap forward for Halcyon Way – the material is both heavier and more aggressive, but it also is far catchier and more melodic at the same time than Manifesto. The guys in the band all stepped their individual games up, and the material is better for it. Lasse did a great job on the production, and we expect the mixdown and mastering process to be completed by the end of February.”
Halcyon Way has appeared live with many bands such as Helloween, Strapping Young Lad, TYR, Kamelot, Symphony X, Doro Pesch, Cathedral, Virgin Black, Samael, Vicious Rumors, Seven Witches, and many others. In addition they have appeared at ProgPower USA on two occasions, and at Rocklahoma 2008 and 2009.
For more information, visit:

mellotrön_ Set to Destroy U.S. on DISASTOUR ‘09

Not content to melt faces only in the Detroit metropolitan area, mellotrön_, Detroit’s Progressive Metal, is preparing to unleash the full fury of its devastating rock arsenal across the U.S. on Disastour 2009. Disastour, a three-city assault in support of “L.A.’s Bionic Duo” Jibilian/Setar, begins on Thursday, Oct. 29 at Mojo’s in Jamestown, N.Y. (104 E. 2nd St., Jamestown NY, 14701) and will reach its epic climax on Nov. 1 at the Magic Bag in Ferndale, Mich. (22920 Woodward Avenue, Ferndale, MI 48220) on Sunday, Nov. 1. In between, the band will destroy Wilbert’s in Cleveland, Ohio (812 Huron Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44115) on Friday, Oct. 30.

Joining mellotrön_ and Jibilian/Setar in Jamestown will be Erie PA’s Otis, with Gravity providing added support in their hometown of Cleveland. The conquering heroes make their triumphant return to the Detroit area at the Magic Bag, the location where mellotrön_’s CD And Go was released to critical acclaim on Nov. 1, 2008.

Fans should contact the individual venues for or visit for more information.

Disastour 2009 Schedule:
Oct. 29, 2009 – Jibilian/Setar, mellotrön_, Otis – @ Mojo’s, Jamestown, NY
(Check with venue for door time and ticket prices)
Oct. 30, 2009 – Jibilian/Setar, mellotrön_, Gravity – @ Wilbert’s, Cleveland, OH
(Music starts at 9 p.m. – $10 cover)
Nov. 1, 2009 – Jibilian/Setar, mellotrön_ – @ the Magic Bag, Ferndale, MI
(Doors open at 8 p.m. – $10 cover)

mellotrön_ is:
Tony Piccöli – Vocals, Guitar
Pat DeLeön – Drums
Pete Höpersberger – Keyboards, Vocals
Bryan Paxtön – Bass, Vocals
Scott Thompsön – Guitar, Vocals

Nightmare Records


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In case you missed these or haven’t picked them up yet, check out the links to listen to samples of all the songs, and take advantage of the discount code.

Cloudscape “Global Drama”

Cloudscape "Global Drama"
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( Nightmare Records ) UPC: 734923005629
Cat#: NMR-442
Genre: Progressive/Metal
Release Date: August 19, 2008
Format: CD & MP3
Audio Samples!



Cloudscape blends the best of Melodic Rock hooks with a brilliant balance of Power Metal and progressiveness that cross- pollinates several sub-genres of Rock Music, with unique,  accessible, powerful and musical form of metal, much like Nightwish,  Balance of Power, Pagans Mind and Kamelot have.

After two very successful albums, in 2005 & 2006 released worldwide on three labels in different Territories of N. America, Japan and Europe (and garnering exceptional reviews around the world); Cloudscape is back with their third stunning album entitled “Global Drama”.

This album will show a harder side of Cloudscape but, also a more atmospheric side blended with the unique Cloudscape sound they’ve established with their previous albums. Global Drama is definitely their most thought out album thus far. Recorded and Produced by Pontus Lindmark at Roastinghouse studios (Sweden). Cloudscape continues their crusade of gaining more fans day by day around the world. This year performing shows at the prestigious Bloodstock Open Air festival (UK) and Progpower Scandinavia (DK) + more shows TBA. Global Drama might be a contender for “album of the year 2008”.


  • 6/6 – Imhotep
  • 5/5 – Prog Archives
  • 5/5 – Friday 13th
  • 5/5 – Poetry Connection
  • 94/100 – Lords of Metal
  • 9/10 – Art Rock
  • 9/10 – Eye on Metal
  • 9/10 –
  • 9/10 – Rock Area
  • 9/10 –
  • 4.5/5 – Sea of tranquility
  • 4.5/5  -Metal Rules
  • 4/5 -Living Social
  • 4/5 – Groove Mag
  • 8.5/10 –
  • 8.5/10 – Living for Metal
  • 8.5/10 – Oblivion
  • 8.5/10 – Storm Bringer
  • 85/100 – Benzo World
  • 85/100 – Metal Covenent

Track Listing:

Scelerata “Skeletons Domination”

Scelerata "Skeletons Domination"
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( Nightmare Records ) UPC: 734923005322
Cat#: NMR-412
Genre: Power Metal
Release Date: May 13, 2008
Format: CD & MP3
Audio Samples!


This Scelerata album slows down from the frenzied pace of the their last, this time bringing much more well crafted melodic metal songs and some epic and wonderful metallic soundscapes.  Scelerata released the Darkness and Light album all over there world in 2006/07. (Darkness and Light) was finished in Germany by Dennis Ward and goes with Edu Falaschi (Angra) and Thiago Bianchi (Shaman) as special guests!  The album was elected by the Rock Brigade readers poll (the most important popular vote poll in Brasil) the 3  best metal album of 2006 right after Sepultura and Angra! (Darkness and Light) also entered the top 50 sales charts in Japan !

After Scelerata having had their very first album released worldwide and completely sold out his 1st press in Brasil in 2 months of its release, the band toured Brasil in a 20 gig/2 months tour, being special guests of Edguy on their Rocket Ride Tour and special guest of Roy Z on his brazilian solo tour in 2006!  Scelerata also shared stages with Gamma Ray, Masterplan, Angra and Deep Purple in an amazing evening with 9.000 fans attendance to the concert!  Recorded in Brasil, mixed and mastered by the great producer Charlie Bauerfeind (Helloween, Saxon etc) in Germany, with an amazing 10minutes long epic song, superb vocals, dazzling guitars, fast double basses and brilliant bass execution! A promo video clip is for Enemy Within will be launched too!

“Brazil’s Skelerata deliver an excellent album of eleven tracks of mainly high octane rock n roll. This album has it all from fast paced full on in your face rock to the beautifully crafted Close to move mountains and on to the final track the epic 7 min 46 second Forever and ever” – Dave Watts, Overloaded Radio UK

Scelerata :: Enemy Within

Scelerata :: Enemy Within

7 / 10 – PowerPlay Mag (UK) Bruce Turnbull calls it: “…highly enjoyable…a catchy melodic and downright  pleasant tablet of threilling power metal”
79 / 100 – (Marty)
79 / 100 –
4.5 / 5 –

Track Listing:
01. Enemy Within
02. Spiritual Path
03. Leave Me Alone
04. Surrender
05. Close to Move Mountains
06. The Turn
07. Cancer
08. Phoenix Tales
09. Bad Dreams
10. Regret
11. Forever and Ever

Memoira “Memoira”

Memoira "Memoira"
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( Nightmare Records ) UPC: 734923005520
Cat#: NMR-432
Genre: Female-fronted Melodic Gothic Metal
Release Date: August 19, 2008
Format: CD & MP3
Audio Samples!



Memoira is a female fronted Finnish band playing rather epic melodic & melancholic metal that has progressive and gothic orchestral parts.

For fans of Nightwish, Epica, Kamelot, Within Temptation, Evanescence, Lacuna Coil.

Memoira is known for its strong melancholic melodies and heavy guitar walls.  Memoira began its journey in the beginning of 2007, originally formed by the two guitarists Jani Haanpää and Marko Heurlin in 2001. They gathered together a group of various musicians who had played in different bands.  Memoira went to studio to work on first album in the end of 2007 and in the beginning of 2008 started to work with Lance King as an executive producer naturally leading to a release with his label Nightmare records.

Full on, Epic, Dark, Powerful, Absorbing! Call it what you want but this album IS “the real deal”. These female fronted 6 piece Finnish rockers have come up with a masterpiece of Gothic progressive metal. Fans of the likes of Nightwish & Within Temptation are gonna love this one.” – Dave Watts, Overloaded Radio UK


  • 20/20 – PERFECT SCORE –
  • 4.5/5 – Rate your Music
  • 78/100 – Lords of Metal
  • 80/100 – Rock Realms

Track Listing:
1. Arise (intro)
2. Experimenters Farewell
3. Haunted
4. Destiny Of Yours
5. Incurable
6. Shadow On My Name
7. Half Alive
8. Liberation
9. Amortization

Avian “Ashes and Madness”

Avian "Ashes and Madness"
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( Nightmare Records ) UPC: 734923005728
Cat#: NMR-452
Genre: Melodic Power-Metal (LK)
Release Date: September 16, 2008
Format: CD & MP3
Audio Samples!

EPIC MELODIC METAL, this album brings forth a melodic heavy crossover album that boarders on the edges of many of Metals subgenre’s, fans of many styles (Melodic, Power / Scandinavian/US / German style metal)

AVIAN “Ashes and Madness” is the amazing sophomore effort of vocalist/ producer Lance King best known for his many albums with (Balance of Power / Pyramaze /Gemini ) and guitarist /composer Yan Leviathan.  The bands Debut album Featured known Megadeth bassist David Ellefson. This  new offering the band has added BILL HUDSON of Cellador guitar fame.

Lance King’s vocals are extremely memorable and intoxicating, these songs well written, memorable and while being very heavy are  still very accessible and radio friendly.
These songs are sure to grab the listener on their first listen.


  • 9/10 – Kronos Mortus
  • 85/100 –
  • 4.25/5.0 – DangerDog
  • 83/100 –
  • 80/100 –
  • 78/100 – Lords of Metal
  • 7.5/10 – Rock Hard
  • 7.5/10 –
  • 11/15 – My Revalations
  • 7/10 –
  • 7/10 –
  • 4.5/7 –

Track Listing:
01. Ashes And Madness (7:38)
02. The Lost And Forsaken (5:08)
03. Into The Other Side (4:35)
04. Esoteric Lies (5:18)
05. Fall From Grace (Instrumental) (1:13)
06. Beyond The Hallowed Gates (5:00)
07. Thundersoul (5:00)
08. All The King’s Horses (5:15)
09. Never Fade From Me (5:11)
10. Time And Space Part II: Unlock The Mystery (10:14)


It’s time to get your tickets, if your coming in from out of town, book those flights, and start thinking about what you want to ware in the warm part of the country.  San Antonio, TX awaits… there is a LOT to do in this town so come in a couple days early, or stay a couple more days and enjoy all this great city has to offer!

Hit our fest forum to catch up on all the gossip, pre-party, next years “Nightmare At Sea”, and discussions of carpools to the event from other parts of the Country.

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Buy Tickets in advance at the following locations and save some Money!
The Warehouse Music Venue – Grand Opening Weekend – 210.782.2817
Flipside Records210-923-7811
Hogwild Records210-733-5354
Nightmare Records 763-784-9654
DAILY PASS – (ADV $30) Day of show $38
WEEKEND PASS – (ADV $50) Day of show $65
LIMITED PLATINUM PASS – $80 advance only (only a few left)

Don’t forget about our sponsors, they help us bring this increasingly great event to you!  Many of our sponsors will be there giving out FREE STUFF, and Nightmare Records will be bringing tables and tables of great current and hard to find Metal from all over the world, and we’ll have a excellent BBQ available from FRONTLINE BBQ, so bring some extra cash, you’ll be glad you did.


Nightmare Metal Fest II, announced Friday it will be honoring America’s military by giving 25% discounts to all military personnel and their families who wish to attend the 2nd annual progressive and power heavy metal festival.  The festival features Internationally signed and performing bands, some of whom are signed to Nightmare Records, a label based out of St Paul, MN.

Nightmare Records owner Lance King said, “San Antonio has a large military population with several bases in the surrounding areas.  In such times of sacrifice in our nation’s history, we felt strongly about supporting our troops and giving back to them. We are delighted to offer them this discount to attend the festival.”

Nightmare Metal Fest II will be hosting its annual event at The Warehouse Music Venue, 1303 E Houston St. in downtown on the weekend of March 20-21, 2009.  The festival features such acts as: Vicious Rumors, Seven Witches, Mindwarp Chamber, Krucible, Six Minute Century, Imagika,  Halcyon Way, Theocracy, Lunarium,  Sacred Dawn, Aetherius, and One of Six. Tickets may be purchased online at or directly at the venue box office




Friday, March 20th and Saturday, March21st in San Antonio, Texas, will be held on of the biggest events for the Prog and Power Metal genres.

The fest is only at the beginning (second year) and we can’t say if it will be for sure an annual event, but for all of you loving this kind of music we hope it will be.

Nightmare Records already announced several confirmations: “the prolific JAG PANZER, Chicago based MINDWARP CHAMBER, KRUCIBLE (featuring members of PYRAMAZE/BALANCE OF POWER, HELSTAR, Z-LOT-Z, SIXMINUTE CENTURY) on the heals of their newly released debut album “aManifesto for Domination” HALCYON WAY, a return performance from SACRED DAWN” a few days ago on their website.

For more information:

– on this festival please visit

– MySpace profile

– on the venue, please visit