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Hades Almighty – The Pulse Of Decay (Psycho Bitch Records)

The ex. Hades becomes now Hades Almighty and they are still one very good Viking Black Metal band. Nothing bad to say. Everything is knitted in one quality Cd. Good sound, a nice voice and the drummer is incredible. I love them.

Finntrolz – Nattfodd CD and Trollhammaren EP (Spinefarm)

This great band, recorded two new albums under the auspices of misfortune: in March 2003 Finntrollz founding member, Somnium (ex. Impaled Nazarene, ex. Barathrum, ex. Thy Serpent) died and the band came to the verge of breaking up. But now, they are back with two new albums, continuing their previous work “Visor om slutet” into experimental/acoustic soundscapes with traditional riffs and folk line, some Russian influences, choir, some Viking echoes that makes me thing that they are attacking a ship or a village, everything made in a very pleasing manner, almost like a fairytale. With a good sound and nice covers, these albums will become references in the metal aria. So, I guess they’ve guided themselves after a very old saying: “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”!!!