Tetrafusion released their debut record “Absolute Zero” to critical acclaim

Tetrafusion’s blend of complex, technical metal blended with a highly-intellectual melodic structure offers an eclectic brand of progressive rock and metal along the likes of PORCUPINE TREE, RUSH, DREAM THEATER, CYNIC, TOOL, and MUSE.

Originally an instrumental band, the band released their debut record “Absolute Zero” to critical acclaim, which quickly launched the band into the underground metal scene, sans-vocals, along the likes of SCALE THE SUMMIT, ANIMALS AS LEADERS, LIQUID TENSION EXPERIMENT, and CANVAS SOLARIS, and was hailed as one of the top ten albums of 2009 by ULTIMATE-GUITAR.COM.

Also commented Mark Michell in a recent interview with EXAMINER.COM about the new release:

We really took a new direction musically. It’s our first record to feature vocals, and we didn’t want to have Absolute Zero, Part 2 with vocals over it, so we decided to just completely change our approach. I think Altered State’s biggest slogan is “substance over style”, where as our debut was very style-oriented and straight forward. We definitely have our progressive, crazy fast heavy moments, but we took a step back and gave it a lot more atmosphere  which is something I think we needed on many levels.


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